About “Dragon’s Wing”

We sold “Indigo” in September, 2010. Paul thought he didn’t want another junk, but after buying a traditional marconi rig (with jib and mainsail), he missed having a junk rig so much that he sold it, and went looking for another junk.

“Dragon’s Wing” was listed on a junk-rig forum Paul saw, so he flew to Halifax in November, looked at the boat, had a survey done, and now she’s ours.  She has a single junk sail, taller and narrower than “Indigo’s” mainsail.

“Dragon’s Wing” is a 30-year old Ganley Snowbird (a New Zealand design by the late Dennis Ganley). She is a cat junk, so has a single unstayed junk sail.  Paul didn’t do a sea trial, so it was a real leap of faith to buy the boat.

“Dragon’s Wing” is very simply fitted out, but with many clever, well-thought out and well-executed features, such as a sliding kitchen countertop (which slides to reveal the icebox below), and another sliding countertop in the head.

“Dragon’s Wing” theoretically sleeps 5:  2 in the v-berth, one in each of the two settees, and one in the quarter berth. It’s pretty cozy with just the two of us and our dog and cat!

“Dragon’s Wing” is 30′ overall, has a 9’6″ beam, draws about 5′ (fin keel), and has four steps down the companionway into the cabin. Freeboard is fairly low, so the boat is easy to get into, but we’ll see how that translates when there’s a good blow and seas! The single junk sail is about 500 square feet, about the same as “Indigo’s” mainsail.

“Dragon’s Wing” has a 10 hp Bukh diesel (a well-regarded German manufacturer), which is supposed to power the boat at about 4 or 5 knots.