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Dispatch 10a: Road Trip from La Paz to Todos Santos

When we got back to La Paz the second time, we decided to rent a car to go to Todos Santos, which sounded interesting, and because we thought we’d be able to meet a potential crew member there. It’s surprisingly easy to get from La Paz to Todos Santos by car, just 82 km on […]


Dispatch 6: Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas

Dispatch 6 sent 4/24/09 (Ensenada to Cabo San Lucas): We had the longest sail of the trip, having left Ensenada on 4/17, and arriving in Cabo San Lucas just after sunset last night, 4/23. Paul and “Indigo” have travelled about 2500 nm since leaving Quartermaster Harbor on 3/20; Lucas and I about 1600 nm. Paul […]