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Dispatch 11: Hawaii or bust!

Dispatch 11 sent 6/8/09 (La Paz to Cabo and heading to Hawaii): As many of you know, Oksana and I are home on Vashon, having flown from La Paz to Seattle through LAX. (And I have a story to tell on myself about that…..) Paul is continuing on with one crew member, Sam, an energetic […]


Dispatch 10: La Paz to Mazatlan and beyond

Dispatch 10 sent 5/19/09 (La Paz to Mazatlan): After hearing from others about buying fish from local fishermen, we finally experienced buying directly from a fisherman, who approached us in a remote bay in the Sea of Cortez. Paul tried to talk to him, but other than the word “fish” (and, as it turned out, […]


Dispatch 9: in the Sea of Cortez

Dispatch 9 sent 5/9/09 (Puerto Escondido to La Paz): I didn’t talk much about Puerto Escondido in my last dispatch. The entrance to Puerto Escondido is dramatic, as you dodge underwater reefs and other obstacles, while also paying attention to some very visible large rocks/islets. (how large does a rock have to be to be […]


Dispatch 8: La Paz to Puerto Escondido

Dispatch 8 sent 5/5/09 (La Paz to Puerto Escondido): In my last dispatch I talked about the fish jumping. Boy, oh boy, we hadn’t seen anything! The day after we left La Paz, we were sailing and started seeing small dolphins – there must have more than 20 of them — breaking the surface, sometimes […]


Dispatch 7: Cabo San Lucas to La Paz

Dispatch 7 sent 4/30/09 (Cabo San Lucas to La Paz): We spent several leisurely days getting to La Paz, which is about 130 nm from Cabo San Lucas, staying the first night at Los Frailes, and the second in Ensenada de los Muertos. Ah, it looks like desert terrain! While we were anchored in Ensenada […]