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VA-WA Road Trip: Dispatch 1

 5/1: Deltaville, VA – Sandston, VA, 62 mi travelled, 3438 miles to go Our planned trip takes us from Deltaville, VA, where our car is, along I-40, which is south of where we’d go if we were heading directly to Vashon Island. I’ve never been to New Mexico, though Paul has, and I’ve wanted to […]


East Coast Sailing: Dispatch 16

3/11/12: aboard DW in Deltaville, VA   Here we sit, awaiting the last of the remaining work to be done so we can be on our way and head south. Getting to know the Deltavville area has been interesting, but it hasn’t exactly been what we’d expected. We returned to Deltaville knowing that a few […]


East Coast Sailing: Dispatch 15

10/29/11 Deltaville, VA So this was a hard three days’ sail from Washington, DC. Heading back down the Potomac was fine: the second day, we had a 63 nm run, with beautiful sunny skies, the perfect tailwind, and a favorable current. The third day, we had 44 nm to go to get to Deltaville, and […]


Road Trip: Deltaville to Savannah

11/5/11: Getting from Deltaville, VA, which is just south of the mouth of the Potomac, to Savannah, GA, about 700 miles away, required a rental car. We’d arranged a one-way rental, but the contract was very clear about pets in the car:   They. Were. Not. Allowed.  And if there was so much as a hint […]